produce a relapse. If recovery occur, the avoidance of muscular fatigue

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origin, although the physical evidence of a tumor not infrequently may

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ing or otherwise irritating the gums. At times even the trophic nerves

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and we consider it an axiom that when in syphilitic cachexia there is a

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activity of the skin. In the advanced stages of the disorder, however,

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MORBID ANATOMY. The lesions present are miliary and submiliary

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the treatment, with tonics and stimulants. Another thing you must

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troduced. It is intended to have on the tables the medical periodical

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cow-pox is variola which has been altered by its passage through the

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other functions. We have proved experimentally that if to a dog poi-

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on which it is supposed to act directh-, is contested, with forcible

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parent, lateral sclerosis is rarely followed by peripheral nerve changes,

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leading to cerebral hemorrhages are the miliary aneurisms first noted by

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corpuscles and haemoglobin are not diminished. The above-mentioned

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the paralyzed muscles is usual after many years, but is not of a de-

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, tlety of the jurist and the casuistry of the metaphysician, but of

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organisms from gangrene of the lung or from a fistulous communication

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has been noted as high as 105 F. on the third day ; splenic enlargement

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is extreme the belly is rounded, and the navel may protrude or be ob-

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must be avoided, and antisepsis should be carried out as thoroughly as

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certain cases of severe diabetes. The coma might occur suddenly and

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Pus Cells in the Atmosphere. — The following discovery has re-

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associated with fever and rapid respiration, necessitates always a physical

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of the eyes would cross, the images are not crossed ; whilst when the

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of the dilated renal pelvis and calices, the more or less atrophied kidney

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1 O Q <- Ca Q I muscle in more advanced stage of degeneration.*

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pancreatitis at times closely resembles biliary colic, especially as there

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of exposure to cold (this form probably rheumatic), and of the action

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strychnine, being, it is affirmed, 0.23 milligramme. That it is very rap-

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Any other combination of valvular disease, by a similar mode of inves-

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peripheral receptive nerve-mass, a nerve-trunk, and a centre of con-

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is often contagious, and that it should be avoided. If it crosses an ocean,

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ation and exfoliation, of the superficial epithelium. The mesenteric

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the patient. The heart-sounds are louder, and the evidence of retraction

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moderate use of antipyrin, phenacetin, and allied antipyretic drugs is

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In the dissemination of diphtheria the important element is the transfer

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poison within the living body. Small-pox furnishes its regular orop

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