wound, that he subsequently required less care and attendance

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habits is effected. It is one of the occasional effects of lead-poisoning.

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texture. She had never complained of her side until after she

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chial tubes are sometimes w^anting. Writers have considered these cases

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The intensity of the fever during the paroxysms may be lessened by

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tunately, Dr. Kichard .7 Duntriison, baviup assisted his

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KiSHi, J. 1902 Uber den Verlauf und die periphere Endigung des Nervus

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was born wanting entirely the index and middle fingers of the

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liable to eventuate in deafness. Hemorrhage in various situations occurs

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has not occurred. In the cases in which the air-passages become affected,

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bar vertebrae. The aorta and cava observed their natural rela-

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In the last section we compared the effects 'of stimulating two

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jn the Enfflish language. — American Journal of Syphilo-

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Bielschowsky, Auerbach, and many others). The lack of our

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case, if they be not odorous, no impression, save that of

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organ ; and, as such, all parts of it must have received and

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it than an}' other writer. Collated abstracts from the communications

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cerebral hemispheres are much below weight, which further

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of the affected joints. It has been a favorite notion that the liabilit}^ to

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view, w^e are situated with respect to these as formerly, before the intro-

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amount of alcoholic stimulation, or whether it be a direct consequence of

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symptoms Avhich are likely to be present, and more or less prominent, are,

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2. Evacuation of the vesicles and cauterization b}^ means of a fine-

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certain. Assuming these statements to be correct, this is one of the dis-

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Stage of Desquamation. — In variola, concretion of pus and the forma-

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superficial petrosal is a motor nerve for the supply of the levator

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which the paralysis affects sensation without motion. Cases in which

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results in tabular form. He found a disintegration of many

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in which a hemorrhage limited to one lateral half of the gray matter of

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is classical without being pedantic, full in the details

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tives or simple enemata. Remedies to relieve nausea or vomiting and

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fifteen days after the operation and the brains, including the

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it is possible that this process had reached a stage in some fibers

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