grown out from many of the organisms which were inclosed in giant cells.
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nerve is injured, causing numbness and pain, which, however, disappear
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trouble and the dogs will show symptoms referable only to the
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dried and broken by the footprints of cattle, Dr S. was sensible of
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described, have occuiTcd in my practice during the last few years,
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of Cow 56 in the 36 milkings tested had been discharged at a
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Practically any method utilizing the natural complement and
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Hygiene. — It is hardly necessary to urge the importance of air, light,
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/. Broken Compensation. — The first general indication is broken
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liowever, most heartily acknowledge tliat Von Carion's work will
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the author's highest limit (800 and 2000 c.c.) must be decided in the
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of emergency it is best injected into a vein. The technique is as follows :
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Metchnikoff' (1884) demonstrated that phagocytosis is the chief means of defense
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least in which our attention must be turned when we are trying to
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Mr Hirschfcld, the resident physician, I am enabled to append one
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by chloral, is the fact pointed out by Liebreich, that it causes sleep
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inner homogeneous, eosin-stained spheres. Microscopical exami-
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cattle were kept in the stable and were fed on ensilage corn, hay,
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P.M. of the 10th July; dead at 10.30 P.M. of the 12th, or in about
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in proper proportions with oidiomycetic extract, and (2) that
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as quite erroneous. We meet, says he, with instances of in-
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as many diabetics are great eaters, it is evidently necessary that the
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gained ; and had its author been spared to work out his theory, we
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least. It is possible that the number of cells may be correlated to
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for lectures and operations, together with proper accommodation
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rise was confined almost entirely to one group, it would seem
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the synclitic movement is still by no means sufficiently elucidated.
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