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many of these cases, notwithstanding I performed a number
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enteric fever, with a true mingling of malarial invasion, and
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with friction to maintain the patulous condition of the cutaneous ves-
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For the latter no definite cause has as yet been found. Coming on, as
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infra), and they may or may not show the more usual intestinal lesions.
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ulants in this affection. Thej should be administered in milk as the
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down and prevent him from doing himself bodily harm. The former consultant
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best in the world in Florida ; they are also grown in Louisiana
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Soja and Gluten Gems (receipt of a patient). — One cup
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the Royal College of Surgeons, London, aroused unusual
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moses. The blood is dark (" tar-like ") ; its coagulability is diminished,
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just as suddenly. The symptoms under such circumstances must be due
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The most watery of fruits are the melons, the citrus fruits,
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The vital capacity, studied in five women after a drip sheet of 54°,
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study. The following statement lavs the foundation for the
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materials should amass large and even enormous profits by the
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cipliiic ('i)iiiiiiitrec lu eiKjiiirc into tliis matter and to jji-fseut their
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The new growths may compress the longitudinal sinus, inducing throm-
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function, aids in producing good results, but the pulmonary changes in-
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The necessity for this ice-water supply will be evident when it is
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inaugurated, which lasts several days. Since, however, it wovdd be
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ular change. In the process of baking there is probably a distillation of
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the other constituents except fat, and all of these constituents
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and the routes of travel of infection thnmgh the many spaces of
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dium harmless. The antipyretic action of quinine is well-known, as
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Dr. Clarence M. Hincks, Toronto, lias been elected secretary and
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has also been observed, and consists in an acute inflammation of one or
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continued on that account. It is necessary only to apply cold water
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to consider the wonder of the human hand t In this era of
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tion of cold I have found cases in Avhich it could not be tolerated by the
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edema — the outcome is to be regarded as doubtful. Collapse is apt to
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respond feebly to the first bath, requiring prolonged exposure to it, and
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ism is a trite physiological fact. It not only furnishes a solvent for
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and, microscopically, it shows an abundance of micrococci and bacilli.
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others. Thus, in general terms, it may be said to prevail more exten-