matter at hand. The advantage of inoculating in such a case is,
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difficulty of breathing, with increase of the cough. There was a sense of
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about to perform that old operation described in detail by ^sop
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which speedily overload the blood. For this reason, so-called ' febrifuge '
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to Presiding Officer Tom Hulvey, who called to order
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we have just seen ! As if all the merit of this great surgeon was not
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tions of human faces. Some quite intricate and highly elabo-
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manner. These cases are all ultimately fatal, but they
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phenomena of therapeutical reaction, not- J ments, where preparations of antimony were
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ounce to one ounce and a half of absolute alcohol, in whatever
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those disturbances, no matter how much they differ in doctrinal
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ing perceived, and it, consequently, suspends the sensation of
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means that 13% of the average monthly claim receipts were reviewed for medical necessity. An average of 25,583 claims
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scribed. At first the patient was disposed to ridi-
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reported and enrolled in the State Association, there is, according to
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of the death of Dr. Frank Hastings Hamilton, of New
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slow the entire intravertebral disk may be absorbed
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semen, in whatever way provoked, has lately taken place
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slight change in the physical signs after puncture. Nothing but the acute onset
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distinguishing tests between these organisms have only been
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phatic glands, and in the marrow of the bones, sometimes chiefly in one, some-
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medicine less remarkable for their effects, than the emet-
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heit, Berlin, 1907; Die akute Poliomyelitis, oder Heine-Medinsche Krankheit,
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2. 'Ji., XXXV, (1. 1, 8U-89.— Kiibli (F.) Cliethe «
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In other respects the urine shows no essential abnormality.
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bur, the tide being low, and the water being veiy un-
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doubted, they have not escaped question at the hands of German pathologists,
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&:c., &c.. Senior Surgeon of the Queen's Hospital, Bir-