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but, admitting the truth of this proposition, there can

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of one being continued into that of the other by a transverse

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2421. Sometimes in these cases, nothing but the abstraction

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acid silver-nitrate solution is added to a measured quantity of the gastric contents,

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and tartarized antimony, a formula which is familiarly styled

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other symptoms. Thus, suddenly produced lesions (hemor-

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slightest sign of weaktMiing of the pulse. Aromatic spirit of

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make science attractive to those unable to appreciate it. To understand the

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preparation of Case II., as well as gelatin, agar, and

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the products of albuminous decomposition such as indol, etc.,

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pain ; his legs became paraplegic, and he- had retention ;

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Alimentary Canal. With 97 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 8s. 6d

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duced by a miasm which continues the same through all gene-

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except for the anxiety occasioned by the tumour's causing her a

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cation. In a case which came under my observation, it followed excessive

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producing severe injuries, which might reasonably account for death. An

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been attended with so low a mortality? Just to think of it ! The mortality

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for each bed is thirty-six cubic metres. The ventilation

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tion. But in children arrived at eight or ten years

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inch in length, from the inner surface of the cranium. In another

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cent action of the General Medical Council in the mat-

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duces very little disturbance beyond headache. From the marked differences

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of the tooth. This was soft, and on squeezing it externally some serous

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subtriangular, smaller than the central lobes, and the right

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ness in centimeters, "H. M." The figures at the bottom are the circumference of the chest in in-

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sensitive portion of the retina. Analogous to this is the

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04 'The Cure and Prevention of Scarlet Fever by the Use of

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version by one foot. Among the Germans a few midwives

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point of a lancet well charged with venom. The next day they were