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earlier years of life, the well-to-do classes are in greater danger of apoplexy than
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To summarise the results of the three reports, we may say
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certificates of insanity were not commitments in a correct sense,
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f. Augenheilkr., 1883. xxi, 207. Neisser, Fortsch. d. Medicine, 1884, ii, 73. Romer,
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we can be more positive than in r^ard to the former.
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to time to eliminate delusions and frauds as they arise.
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prominent abdomen. They think that in some cases there is a cer-
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tions, in character of cough and amount of expectora-
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com|.anies in 1854, Dr. R. D. Thomson said, 'Of all
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That in cases of obstinate neuralgia of the coccyx and its
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flmall masses similar in appearance to the diseased glands, which
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cially in the calves of the legs, are prominent symptoms. This fever
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granulation is slow. The operation is better done after
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castration for cancer is slight. Permanent cures are
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I have said enough, I think, to show that the cough which
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because we are not able to prove its worthlessness.
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and necessary part of many treatments given for the pur-
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cases under 30 years of age had an average duration of 2.7
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This affection consists in spasmodic closure of the outlet of the
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vertically and horizontally, thus giving us four quad-
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tion, demanding active treatment. The symptoms had usually so much
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■ .■ . , .. c /^ .. Ti • /2 pint of corn meal,
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erable dyspnoea since cough began ; has worked till six days ago, but
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a voltaic pile of one hundred pairs— and consequently pos-
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presence of circumscribed foci of necrotic softening. The blood is dark in
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may be protected from insect plagues by brushing their
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to learn that Dr. Brovm-Sequard, who hag kept so long in
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head; and the characteristic attitude, expression, and gait are wanting.
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distemper and in the cheesy masses from the lungs of cattle. It was
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case. According to Olshausen primary ovarian carcinoma is
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suit of clothes every time they were called to an obstetric
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case I have liatl, 1 have been able to make the diagnosis