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tion of the effects of the habitual use of morphia, as seen in Austria, which, valu-

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infusion, and cardamom tea often is useful. Coffee, milk, cocoa, and hot

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to be. He agreed with Dr. Munde that in cases of retroflexion

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sensitive portion of the retina. Analogous to this is the

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scopically these areas are those of focal necrosis. The lymph nodes throughout

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imminent, hence the possibility of general peritonitis

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suffered from melancholia and undergone much treatment without

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synonyms, chemical symbol, preparation used in experiments or

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relations to the viscera. One end of the Purkinjean cell

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system, but also also as regards each one of its constituent me-

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wasting much time in learning things which later turn

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became dark in color through the spreading out of the pig-

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transient, and usually occurred at the beginning of treatment Collagen Disorders: Systemic lupus

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recourse may be had to the ice-bag so warmly advocated by Lees. Blisters,

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congeners, as well as some other moUusks, do not thrive very

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donna, it is necessary to give it in sufficient dose. The ordinary

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and the point must, therefore, be still looked upon as un-

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fact that they are not used so much as in health ; but they do not show

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ment. Contact Dept. 51 in care of the Journal. m4tfn

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layer under tlie microscope showed nothing in the case of

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our sincere sympathy and condolence in their great affliction and irreparable bereave-

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tine, mainly in the caecum) of organisms chiefly of the

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urethra, with a soft catheter. The incision was thoroughly cleansed every day