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the pleural cavity still remains pervious, amphoric respiration or "echo '*

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bubo. In severe forms the dorsal veins may become involved, phlebitis

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importance that cleanliness be obtained; furthermore, that the patient

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the opening of the peritoneal cavity, very often occasions great shock.

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no pulsation of an e\})ansile chtiracter, nosliifting })ain, no pulse-ditlerence.

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tion. Cocci united in twos. Capsulated when in the lung ; in cultures it

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signs arc developed which mark the etfusive stage of pericarditis.

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anil a loud, long, blabbering j)resystolie murmur. It may be mistaken for

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while it is indistinct and resembles the second sound in dilatation. The

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days. In old age the stages merge rapidly into each other; abscess

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physical training during infantile and early life. . It is especially important

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slightly in its outward flow. When from any causes the bile cannot enter

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condition of the bowels should be maintained chiefly by habits of life and

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7. Stricture of the Intestine, from injury or malignant growths, may

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flowing streams, are peculiarly free from bacteria. Other things being

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Flannel should be worn next the skin. A dry, bracing air generally best

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when " partial," it is limited to the neck and bas-fond.

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ited to circumscribed spots. The range of temperature in the two forms

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of a severe pneumonia, but the fever is paroxysmal. The tongue is heavily

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present. The presence of desquamated epithelium in the tubes after death

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Few of those who rely least upon the presence of bacilli for prognosis

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where, or an hereditary tendency ; while in multilocnlar hydatids there are

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Morbid Anatomy. — Catarrhal ulcers are usually superficial, and at first

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The dietetic treatment is usually delayed, like most measures, until forced

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tion with a cirrhotic liver. The bichloride is the preparation usually

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young — indicate that it is an acute general disease. Etiologically it is often

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caemia produces greater disturbances and graver results, when injected into

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sores, either of which may destroy life ; therefore, it is best to keep the

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the case of dislocation, the diagnosis is made by the alteration of the

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1 Prof. Rutherford states that in dogs it has no effect upon the bile secretion.

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mittent fever ; there is enlarged spleen and liver, with pigmentation of

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period.' They are absent in the interval between the primary attack and