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deed to such a degree as to render the tumor opaque,

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argue that the most Interesting part is the stuff that

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as to the name by which Dr. Simpson may be identified

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which lasted six months. At the end of that time the parents

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The President appointed as such Committee Drs. Rochester,

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mia is relieved, and the tonicity of the recti muscles

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a rapid analysis of his scientific works, and he actually

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VI. — Ninth Annual Report op the Board of Managers of

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considerable portion of the stone in this manner ; and in

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limit of the heart's muscular strength ; that the second class of

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Dr. I. E. Taylor had only seen hysterical cases of this bladder

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its gravity. In one hundred and thirty-three cases analyzed by

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According to the theory that is so fast gaining ground, both

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tried, may fail, as we have shown that it has failed in

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to me nothing incongruous in admitting a plurahty of causes for

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medicine the more rational and successful will be his treatment.