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masses of protoplasm were forced into the primary radi-
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use of symbols possessing the new equivalents, but distinguishes these
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suggested under stage 1, the diet, life, and work of the patient
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other, so that the tongue always hung between the teeth. Lan-
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is seen in this portion; in a third group the delay is evidently most
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ed, his attention was employed in the attempt to overcome
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and mucus which persisted in the feces from two to eight days in the
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often spoken of as " tachypncea. " There seemed to be
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the other measui-e which it is my intention to ask leave to
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of occurrence lessens with increasing altitude, this fact possibly being due to a
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results better treatment and better hygiene, which enhances the repu-
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its true place and scope, the study of nature's modes of work-
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very excellent rules to direct us in the system of medical
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Company, Indianapolis 6, Indiana. Ilosone® (erythromycin estolate, Lilly) *Base equivalent
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16'-'. Jugspnrfi v. Leipziij, bey L. Eron'ujer u. G.
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irritants, inhalation, stimulant medicines, tonics, and good diet are chiefly
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involved, degenerates and loses its contractile power ; and when Uw in-
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chemical changes indicative of disease is of necessity re-
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particular situation where the nerves of the affected part
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when the patient is in bed, and nearly always associated
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teur, dans les casernements. Bull, du serv. de sante mil.,
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Dairies. — Model dairies have been started in many States and coun-
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delicate doctor who is in abject terror of anyone at all
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neglected, it will be found that a heavy bluish precipitate forms in the mixture on
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but at length terminating favorably, by healthy suppuration. Some un-
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two burning fevers, equal strength or greatness ; that which falls out in summer
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gave a yellow hue; he applied caustic ammonia, which gave
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The decrease of child mortality from the decreased prevalence of
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nastics, and mechanical pressure methods. The second part
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may admit of palliative measures, such as gastro-en-
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withdrawal was followed by a little burst of foetid, greenish
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marked benefit. The case had been regarded as one of gall-stones.
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into play which previously had no existence. The connexion
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2. Of the Heart Wall, — This is rare. It may be due to
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ation at about the same time. But^ to recapitulate, the essential con-
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learning' and laborious industry, which, in its native land,