pretty constant ratio between the mental lack and the degree
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the disease in infants whose soiled diapers provide a ready means
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there are signs of failing heart and circulation, and over the epigas-
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Resolved, That students graduating in 1S99 or subse-
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cians to treat the sick, and sanitarians to prevent sick-
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oially, at night, when in a recumbent position, or even during sleep, or
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flex actions being abolished by anaesthetization, the active part in expi-
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the institute; in the whole district, nearly 600,000 in twenty years. Out
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began to desquamate, and continued to fade in color
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sis. The former may be trivial ; the latter may be due to atheroma of the
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Aho,'in their da fails din. 1883-6, Par., 1890, 72-85.—
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of tumors of, or foreign bodies in, the nose or naso- ,
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drop of it. I have known it successful in curing a very severe
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or in which the assimilation of the ingesta is impaired
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They are found in the most respectable medical circles,
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the removed cord. And in the event that no such band should form, the
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de fibrome du ligament annulaire anterieur du tarse.
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Mr. P. Holland said the intention of the proposition was
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spoken of. Many siiffcrers from the disease are naturally weak-minded.
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on an erratic growth, and so give rise to the adenomatous tissue
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numerous diagrams, we actually find him saying (46) " this has been done
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desultory efforts made to reduce high temperature in
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Buchanan has used this method among some patients under his care in
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gastric plexus, motor; also third and fourth dorsal.
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Pentoses. The sugars which contain five carbon atoms in chain, instead
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ceiving the difficulties attendant on such investigations when conducted
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many years spent my Sunday evenings at his house. In his
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than one-half and the rate of AMI by nearly one-third. 34
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had rlieumatism or gout every year, others every two years. Dr. Luff said
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ones being those detected by percussion and auscultation.
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■«uch as this boy has got ; in short, are probably congenital
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reniform, often brilliantly coloured eyes which lie on a f
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