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and kidneys) may accomplish good results by relieving congestion and

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sary to its performing its function, namely, the production of toxic albumen,

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when children are not too young. Other preparations of animal

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From acute nephritis differentiation is oftentimes impossible unless one

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Trichinella spiralis. Man becomes infected by eating the

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believes that true con.servatism is what is for the best interests

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health care system. The Commission noted the following:

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The instability of the nervous system belonging to hysteria is much

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the two that were submitted to Hay's test gave a negative response. Cultures

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with leeches and cold compresses, and rest, subsided, and left

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would trephine the first case that we had. The first case we

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well as in the other state. Now that I know we cannot

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of the vertigo. It would be a manifest omission were I

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nomenon whatever, we have established, in this particular instance,

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tion corresponding to the relative frequency of occurrence

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bronchitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, faucitis, pharyngitis, hy-

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matter, he really could not have understood it. For the first

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The entire family will try it one after the other, and

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THE TETER MANUFACTURING CO., 11067 Williamson BIdg., Cleveland 0.

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It is especially interesting to be able to demonstrate that

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was thus 80 per cent, against 69 per cent, following medical

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(d) Primari/ Carcinoma of Urethra. — Mr. Beckwith Whitehouse

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only the ova which adhered to the sides of the bowl. After

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its first regular series of radio programs on Monday,

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feature of the figures in Table II is the apparent decline in suscepti-

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6hould be read thus : One pound of cabbage gives two degrees of strength,

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Sahli ' has again reported a similar series. A case of

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instance, Dodart (1664-1707), of Paris, explained the

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tagious in the strict sense of the word, but that its micro-organism will

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that came from this bony disturbance. The bone setters

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Ranitidine was not mutagenic in standard bacterial tests ( Salmo-