excitement of the brain, soothe the nervous system, and diminish mus-

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hot. If a third electrode were put in the arc acting as

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lar organ, as the heart to -circulate the blood, the lungs for

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enemata. Patient fed from this time by stomach-tube.

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1. "There is no real destruction of the tissues, and there are no lacerations of

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jury of his countrymen, nor tested by a legal dictum,

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Salient clinical features. — Weak, tongue slight-

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said, as the oesophagus projects more on that aspect, unless there is

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and the typewritten letters of the managers, physical

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This woodcut by Jan Stephan von Calcar (Flemish, ca. 1499-1546/50), from Vesalius' De Humani

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divided by a small saw, and the section completed from below l)y

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2 Annual Report of Medical Officer of the Board of Education (as to

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is incoordination of muscular movements, first of those more

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true leprosy — bears a certain resemblance to the pale

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expand the vessel so far by its sudden impulse before the closure of

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sions between them, and whatever size it may attain, it still

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place : (i) A second mouth is formed ; then comes (2) enlargement and

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interests of the whole profession. Ussays, reports of cases, and correspondence upon subjects of pro-

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execution of the book is creditable to the publishers.

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morebuxom wench I never saw. The account she brought home,

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were injected intraperitoneally. The temperature was 40.3°C. on the 6th day,

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give a hot bath, an alcohol sweat if possible. A vapor bath

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one. In infants, as the vegetative processes are most

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in some sort a parallel case with the speedy racer, as con^

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President. Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Co., Madison,

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saw the difficulty was first noticed when the patient tried to sing, and

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State and Provincial inspection of the production of vac-

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total of 270,000 medical personnel, and yet not one single patient. Shall

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swelling of the face and inflammation of the mouth had in-

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became delirious, and died on the following morning." Dis-

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poisons, gases, or any irritating substance. It is often preceded by

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ciates on the etiology of yellow fever, the main facts of

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adoption of measures for its relief; such high pressure may be a compen-

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said recovery was impossible under such circumstances, and see no

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The Gastroenterological Society was formed in 1932 by Dr. George S. Roth-

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On 30th passed a hard piece of ficcal matter about the size

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only for statistical purposes in which the patients have survived the first