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nose, mouth and throat aseptic and free from germs, and keep them so.
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circumscrib'ed portions of the cord. In the affected segment or segments
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enclosed in a small rosewood box, 11^ inches long, 8
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urethra or intestine, would probably soon cause mechanical obstruction,
general, affecting the extremities, and resembling rheumatism ;
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conditions. The phenomena are also those of epilepsy, viz., the soli-
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tom of the profession to sneer at, but which Dr. Esdaile's reports and returns
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geons of America, that was held at Chicago, considerable
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physical element of speech would be damaged in the case of a
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most important indication for the use of the couveuse
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With regard to the maintenance of anaesthesia during intranasal
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ing, M. D. Vol. I. Illustrated. Philadelphia : J. B. Lip-
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ety and distress, clammy sweat, and sometimes excessive
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pound is dried coltfoot leaves, to which a smaller portion of
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the pathology of nervous affections accompanied by disturbances of cir-
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only; sometimes there is the addition of the mucous rete by
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liarly intense. That this is not always objectively evi-
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Clergy Orphan School at St. John's Wood (Lcmcet, 15th Nov.,
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fortiori" jui, with many otters, as well as the records of two
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fruits are very efficient intestinal antifer- should be abstained from whenever tbey
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moval of alcohol is the first step and this should al-
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duced into the womb, the child extracted, and, spite of an
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canal, followed by emollients of sweet oil, slippery elm or
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The considerations which have now been urged appear to us
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the spine and four inches broad should be put on, and retained no
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desire to defecate) with small, mucous, and bloody stools.
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Dr. ffsnri/. — Yes, the late Albert Smith was a member of the College, and
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ating those roots and herbs and inert substances which
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dently incidental to a relaxed condition of the bladder, or, to cerebral irri-
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this separates out only upon cooling, and then presents a dark-brown
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may be attached to anything physical or mntal to gve
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rare. Cattle, sheep, and goats are infected relatively in about the same
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if one is emphatic in explaining the necessity of obeying absolutely.
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