(2) If the patient complains tliat he has constant pain in his

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lute immobilization secured by a circular plaster-of-

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Give exact Cireumference and length in all Cases. "5

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" Wounds of the Larynx and Trachea. — The Operation of

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inflammatory complications were removed, and she was eventu-

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practice be established. Our cases do not come to us in the begin-

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tients' lives is, however, the first step toward appro-

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of the more virulent action of the in- last two years have been marked by

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by the occurrence of other characteristic symptoms of that disease. The

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a. In the form of Decoction — " Conjee Water,'' as

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while the whole educated world are studying tlie many ad-

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nual summer outing and banquet was held on June 15 at

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one could show that the death-rate of one disease diminished faster than

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may be absorbed, and the brain become tolerant of the pressure, so that,

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ing statement:^ "The great plague which visited Constantinople in 643,

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the latter that both function and nutrition of oigans depend.

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feel assured that the first deviation visible is a relaxation and

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the disinfection of his room. The floors, ceiling, and walls should

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tis. Cultures were made at once from the seat of dis-

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regulation of which a translation is given in Appendix B 4.

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how warm poultices favour suppuration, that is, the growth of pus

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with the facts submitted to them. It is a well marked

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is infection. It is the synonym of destruction, the destroyer of life itself.

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instances, as in the Epidanriau representation, he was

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gaged by the degree of ureteral dilatation and appearance of the

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child should be placed in a strong-minded family ; that is, with

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Wien, 1879, xiv, 147.— Liansing (R. R.) Nitro-glyceriue

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patient was again admitted to the hospital, and during that

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S. pallida and shorter than 5*. refringens. Most of the spirochetes of

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cyst-adenoma which contained pseudomucin, and which