The next day his temperature was normal all day. He
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preparation used be free from decomposition products, as these
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Survived Annual Attacks of Pellagra for the First Five Years
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For further particulars, apply to the Resident Physician, late
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gone some preliminary changes, tiie nature of which
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the disease spreads among rats through the live rats
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Diphtheria Commission. And nproii'is of this Commission, \t.
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late the sale of viruses, serums, toxins, and analogous products in the Dis-
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rhage, and its severity is most likely directly proportion-
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All these cases are included under the term congenital phimo-
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rallied at once, and made an uninterrupted recovery. In another
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and maiineis of that portion of society, to which this
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by Dr. Bogucki, field trips were taken to various parts of the city,
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' .! llii- '■ I if -I rill-." 'I 'lie i| 11. 1 It. in jMiM-iir i- rxli'i'iiu'li r.ii"!'. n.i\ iiiL' bi'i-n
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it enjoyed a feeble existence, up to the time of the last editorial
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to the abilit}- of the infant to withstand a second
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the American country physician, for, said he, his materia
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Gunderson, Robert H., 1517 Hubbe Parkway, Beloit 5351 1
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mere quantity will not decide this question, as from 300 to
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the national, civil, literary, medical, and ecclesias-
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A typical cyst of this kind should have the Fallopian tube on its
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3. The abrupt expansion of the diaphyses or shafts in the
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obstruction, the pulse-wave is again diminished and the degree
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experience in puerperal convulsions has necessarily been much less than that of many
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would maintain thc'ir hegemony in operative surgery,
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those who get it. A Harvard diploma means work, achievement, scholarship,
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■ rectum. Under such treatment the blood pressure soon began to show
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as Daphne oleoides, the Laurel-spurge or Spurge-flax),
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scribed by the mother as follows : At first tonic, then
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When, however, we consider the nature of "purpura as a disease" we are reduced
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creases after stoppa^ of the circulation, just as urea accumulates in the blood
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Here the rule should be absolute to follow nature strictly. No animal
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more severe ; the fever runs higher, and may be accompanied with tran-
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Made by maceration and percolation of squill, 150; vs^ith alcohol and
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cal slides give the appearance of a "log jam" in the
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whether men so qualified should be retained absolutely, or
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process of digestion. He does this, because the experiments
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372 Dr. Hildige on Irideotomy for Cure of Diseases of the Eye,
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