the missing alkali. This may be done by adding to the milk bicarbonate
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Respiration has ceased, but the heart still beats distinctly. 3.25. —
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readers, at least in this country, such criticism recoils merely upon
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lation. Surface smooth, shining, and convex; the border is slightly irregular; white,
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IJ Ext. opii 0.01-0.03-0.05-0.10
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part of discipline to injure either the body or mind of the prisoner ;
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A 24-hour broth culture of the immunized strain was filtered through a porcelain
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Etiological Therapy. — The therapy of bronchial asthma must be
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this tick have been found from Labrador to Florida. West of
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since which time it had resisted every effort to effect its reduction.
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Monthly Averages of Weekly Composite Sample. Parts per million.
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ligature. The present case appeared to me to afford an opportunity
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It may be noted, that the upper extremities were not implicated at
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are usually sufficient, but if the fall of temperature usually following
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said Dr Finsen came here in 1856, he was a very young phy-
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guished by the constancy of their effect, though the author does not con-
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submaxillary glands. Did these two conditions depend on the
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like Edinburgh and Glasgow, which get their water mainly from
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dog is a quite necessary domestic animal in Iceland, for without it,
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is expired than under normal conditions. The pneumatic chamber has
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juice. The juice from 2 or 3 lemons is taken at intervals during the day.
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vessels and a decrease of the blood pressure. Geigel lays great stress on
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general weakness, while derrengadera is a disease which may be
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holding in a ring at its free end the bag b made of thin rubber
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escape of foul air through the lavatories which had gradually per-
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cutaneous injection in a number of cases. In several it was followed by
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point or to the sternum. The outer bandage is put on in exactly the same
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that those from the leguminous seeds {Pisum, Vicia, Soja) con-
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Dog Xo. 91. — October 28, 1908: Inoculated subcutaneously (strain Xo. 36).
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the other one-sixth being formed in the body by the oxidization of the
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those of the spleen and Hver would act in a similar manner, as
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pensated lesion should run the risk of travelling across the Rocky Moun-
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to be recommended for many patients. Zander has devised a suitable
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floor with the dormitories, but which, owing to the water-supply