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is directed at the applicant for the purpose of detecting any speech

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few minutes, when the patient gradually revived. The spasms of the respiratory mosdet alto

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cast out of the system. It should be borne in mind also that the efiusions in diseases of


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to the Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery in the New York

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methods as to the possible cause of such ruary 15th, 2,330 operations were perform-

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permanently more or less impaired. Considerable improvement may take

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demonstrates that the severity of the epidemic is dependent on the

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maternal canal is quite as susceptible to microbic attacks as the

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appear to be the effects of compulsion, and with a view to ostentation ;

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became dark in color through the spreading out of the pig-

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Tetanus spores resist the action of 5 per cent, carbolic acid for 10

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of the meeting. The report itself even hinted at unresolved

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life. The causes operating to produce the disease in children are much

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Efforts have been made to determine more exactly the cause of these phe-

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As to the first question, the exponents of the serum

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the alleged excess of acidity of the alimentary canal ; but it is pre-

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stances^ dyspepsia has been humorously called ** the i-emorse of a guilty

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Alfiuuas observaciones clluicas acerca del trataniieuto de

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to practitioners of seven years' standing or University B.A.s., after

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which is apparently due to secondary involvement of the

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attempt to prevent imposition on the part of patients.

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himself to one single local remedy, he would choose acetic acid above them all.

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Medicare program. The AMA was asked to testify before

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bladder healthy, the latter is full and the gall duct pervious.

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interpositum is often packed with them, and so firmly matted that it is

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systematic, and more effective. Musical concerts, or parties, have been held

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more abundant than in the last case. But little healthy epithelium was seen.

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having resulted as the consequence of a slight contusion. Both

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gall-bladder, if they are introduced into the stomach. Hence, if Dur

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When those symptoms which are generally observed to be

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a percentage of only five downward in pregnant women,

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professional attainments of our late associate, and our grief at his

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of tliigb ; secondary hpemorrhago ; ligature of common

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in some of those in which the result was fortunate,

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of delirium tremens, that of those affected with the disease in its

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in the male. Although renal and ureteral calculi may often remain for

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in which the larynx is free from catarrhal inflammation, or the purely nerrous

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for weeks. Otherwise, the dressing must be renewed every day, and

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cal conditions are all depressing to any newcomer, un-