precious stones, continuing his studies at the same time
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be the source of the haemorrhage. Bleeding from the posterior nares
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therefore, for a surgeon to pretend to a success which he has
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solution of ammonia ; white, insoluble powder ; irritant and poi-
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unfrequently combined Indeed, the lower classes look upon
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like appearance to the sick." The respiration is slow; the mind
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tions are warded off, which otherwise would hinder and im-
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nuclei proliferated in the sheaths surrounding the vessels of the
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in order to avoid the disfiguring effect of a vaccine scar. In regard to
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normal circumstances would have been reabsorbed ; there is no doubt,
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we take a broad view of the pioneer work done, and the obstacles that
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the arteries, and of a dull red hue. The injection, however, did not seem to
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there was any relation between diathermancy and transpar-
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This prominent neck can be felt from the front of the thigh.
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little patient under the care of M. Blache, an attack of
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hn-molvsis by .salt solution was markedly increased. There was only
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ease had been weakened by several blood-lettings and other eva-
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water gives the most permanent relief in the neurosal form, especially
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November there was a grand total of 4,167,000 visitors,
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and they may show delicate filaments arising from the cytoplasm of the
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the serious phenomena of reaction are more to be feared than in
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year, of each pupil, if there were no loss of time, it fol-
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eudiac lesions, may lead to a diagnosis ; but in the cases in which no
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titioners. It did good also in expressing decided opin-
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and hence injury is less frequent The doctor discussed
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stage may be of difficult dift'erentiation and only the subsequent
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enclosed in a small rosewood box, 11^ inches long, 8
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been adhesions leaving small openings; inflammatory conditions
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