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scope is placed over the stomach, as air is pumped in through the stomach-
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boiled at 107-8° at 13 mm. On redistillation it boiled at 105-6°
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microscopic subjects in connection with a suitable camera and
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iver the serous membrane, or may exist in disseminated points.
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in three more bananas and pour in the remainder of the jelly.
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what should be the treatment ? Shall cold applications and rest, and all the
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erland, of Germany and Austria, of Spain, of Italy, of Sweden
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of disinfecting all fomites, for no quarantine officer of Great
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persons, if we except the dotted ecchymosis on the lungs, are frequently met
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cury till we have tried these medicines and proved their inutility.
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other cases, however, where the disordered state of the boweb
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destroys several others, there is no reason to doubt. In support of this view
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there had been no diarrhea for five days before death, the gastro-
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When inQamedy muscles are incapable of executing contractions.
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from a reflex paralysis.. Doughy tympanitis, as opposed to a tense
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culi cerebri, at the level below the emergence of the third
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and patient unconscious rolling around on the bed. Such
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inflammation* It is, in this manner, that lying-in women and persons that
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and at once recognised its similitude to that of Keegan, previously
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costal margin in an area about an inch and a half in diameter. Careful
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being very little if at all altered. The work opens
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physician sliould be, both professionally, so to speak, and socially.
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finally, the latter became shrunken and entirely motion-
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tact or supervision he had of these twenty-one cases ?
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ing the existence of these conditions, the whole in-
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invariably fatal. With longer periods the disease is milder and recovery
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than in the measurement of the blood-pressure. This also enables a
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