Action of Pessaries" — so odd a combination of words that of
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axis, are the most liable to injury or displacement f )m blows,
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converted into a diverticulum of the intestine. Hence
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water. Internally, one teaspoonful of Rochelle Salts every morn-
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differential diagnosis to be made if all the biological characters
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into its substance. The process is best seen with an ameba under the
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they cannot submit to operation and have not the time
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this case had taken iU ; he was on the 5th day transferred to Sir Patrick
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feature will dispense with the annoyance of having to
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^Kerr, J. W., "Vaccination, and Analysis of the Laws and Eegulations Re-
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distinctness with which these pseudotumors can be felt vary from time
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guished volcanoes, and that the basin in which it stands was in all probability
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circumstances, and then, being bent again, runs again in
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there are separate and distinct nerves; and from what he has
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patient, and its work is of a destructive character. It has been
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twitchings in the corresponding side of the face. At the operation
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three years previously. At the commencement of his illness he had a
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may have been the primary disturbance, the time will
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diversa disperguntur." Even '* li gentilz quens" did not escape the
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Weight before injections, one hundred and twenty-two
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The reaction is alkaline, the degree of alkalinity corresponding to
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well without drugs when the food material contaning
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circulated by it in the form of arterial blood, throughout the system. The
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desirable an end. Surely, no one who properly appreciates the
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ing facial deformities, but I doubt very much the feasibility of
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dists of England and America to employ instrumental
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Amend the first paragraph of Section 2 of Article IX of the