Choirs, applications for which should be addressed to the Director of the University
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7. No student shall, under any circumstances, receive fee or remuneration
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under our own observation, however, could we wholly exclude the possibility
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muscles of mastication be attacked, the face and mouth are constantly being
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half-yea/r : Gonrse of Demonstrations in Pathological Anatomy,
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only a temporary attack of vertigo and slight cloudiness of intellect. If the
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thyroidectomized goats. Many observers claim to have obtained good results
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Smith, George Washington, Jr., a, w, sp, Shelton, Neb. S.B. (U. of Nebraska) '36.
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with anomalies of sexual development, occur in girls. In this connection we
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twirled ("C" qual iFy)^"^^ Plainly visible - outline produces a dark shadow when
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the atrophy involve the legs, the patellar reflex is usually lost.
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the two lateral columns of the spinal cord or even higher up, it is easily seen
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Oandidates for the diploma must, before enterinif npon their onrrioulnm,
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The absence of the tendon reflexes, especially of the patellar and Achilles-
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ness for the usual duties of life. There are not infrequently loss of appe-
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been engaged during this period, and such examination will be final.
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CoU^ei qualifying for the grade of Apothecary, on payment of the
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De Senectute ; and Horace, Odes, books i. or iii. One of the following
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either in the study of the individual patient or in the advancement of knowledge con-
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all the four subjects of the "severe" examination. The third " severe"
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Surgery, Medieine, Obstetric Medicine, Botany, Forensic Medicine,^,
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lation fee are required to pay the balance of that fee according to previous arrangements,
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Samuel Holdsworth, M.D. Pisa, West-pfarade, Wahejield,
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second year; £60 at the beginning of the first year, £50 at the
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i-') After the butter has been worked, a sanple may be taken for a rao^d
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reflexes, the cutaneous reflexes and the " tendon reflexes," must be distin-
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