32. Weigh and record the milk given by each cow, and take a sample morning

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Jonathan Taft, Professor of Dental and Oral Surgery,

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effort be put forth by all the members of the Association to

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tary engineering. Sanitarian, N. Y., 1890, xxxvii, 481-

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winter session Those students who take the ihree winter courses and

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tions in which no microphyte has been found, we must, I think, exclude others,

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by the records of medicine, that there are waves of time, through which the

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geal tonsil. I believe it almost malpractice, if in a case

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Majendie's elementary treatise on Physiology - - 42, 330

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be mentioned — namely, the respiratorij line ; or, as it might


1962. Wolferth, Charles C, Jr., The Windsor, Suite 2307, 1700 Benj. Franklin Pkwy. (19103)

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properly upon their contents, as in debility ; or from the position

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Clinical Studies of Diseases in Children. By Eustace Smith, M. D. Lond. 1876.

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trephining, unless we feel obliged to puncture the dura

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adopted. As soon as the diagnosis was established by blood examination,

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! • I- ' child ten years old; Avas treated for anaemia and

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of the case, and may be raised throughout the course of the affection.

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that one hundred and six had been treated by the bichloride

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percussion applied to the dog's chest, for although the cavity has

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in the child may be, feel justified at placing the percentage of cases

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offer to send books on approval to any address in the United States.