KERATOSIS PILARIS. — SYN. : Pityriasis pilaris ; Lichen pilaris.
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that Mistress Mapp was a lady quite as clever at breaking
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The first rule, especially in chronic cases, is to improve the general
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medical knowledge looked blank, inventive superstition
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with a polymorphous eruption accompanied by itching, which are now
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of the horny layers of the epidermis — the cells becoming condensed or
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tentionally kill the man who is trying to pick my pocket. Every excess
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herpetiformis to Erythema," etc., American Journal of Med. Sciences, Feb. 1897. — 8.
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each of the 2 following days, or, following coagulation, the tubes
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are terrified by them, but usually will not admit it for fear of being
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gr. j., spirit, camph. TT\iij., aq. destill. ad §j. The latter is used only
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years previously. On these discoveries he bases the opinion that psoriasis
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anaemia or cachexia necessarily implies a corresponding improvement in
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Attacks of zoster are frequently attributed to mental causes, such as
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1884, p. 234. — 5. Unna. Histopathologic der Hautkrankheiten, pp. 352, 353. — 6.
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The lesions are especially well marked in the regions of the hypo-
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orbit. There is even a subtler connection : for chemistry has
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are at an advantage in this respect as compared with boys.
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calculate also the volume of the hemoglobin and the hemoglobin
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exhibition of hypnotics or sedatives. Opium in any shape or form I
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subjects which are terrible and uncanny fascinate them. They will pore
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one hand, and holding his gold repeater in the other, he be-
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can be carried out tvithout recourse to the patient for
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is excellent. Sometimes I am tempted to exaggerate this peril when
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bertus, "and wrap it up in a bay leaf with a wolf's tooth, no
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room her low opinion of the lady's judgment and her high
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Observe over a mirror, or over a light covered with
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The bleeding time is the time that it takes the blood to stop
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(1) Cover glass method. Smooth, even spreads with red cells
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sense of fatigue. Finally, the whole limb should be sponged, and the
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process, a filtration is also performed in the blank analy-
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hairy men ; possibly (though I have not seen them) on corresponding
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sudden and startling impression, such as a loud sound or anything
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Sometimes stupor succeeds the delirium, the epileptic fits, or the