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9. Dressing of the Eye. — The spring speculum is only now re-

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pyogenic organisms of the skin, which may give rise to ulcers at their

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Witness added that he would prefer to see coffins of papier

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the nitroxyl group. I propose to draw attention to the

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The force of our correspondent's criticism, as it applies to

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which the patient or his friends first notice. This cough at first is

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Friday, August 4th, at 9.30 a.m. — Concussion of the Spine,

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Hull, which now in one year amounted to £800. The governors

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head are so characteristically affected as to merit close observation.

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■einem Atlas von 80 Mikrophotogrammen. Jena: Gustav

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Frederick Lowndes, of Liverpool, for valuable suggestions,

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Remissions in the fever are very irregular. When the disease be-

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rebuilding of the London Dental Hospital, lately announced

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symptoms are not imlike an aggravated attack of hysteria.

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caused by the rapid or slow contraction of the left ventricle; the

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thickening and adhesion of the periosteum of the affected

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and the skin wound closed. Recovery was uncomplicated.

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who still remains in the N — Union, had his salary reduced by this