tis " in which a few doses of salicylates promptly arrested the disease.
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extent as the U.S. would he liable in any other action brought against it under the Federal
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so that I could readily bring my fingers behind the tumor.
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her confinement, much to the amazement of all who were with her, not except-
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diseases, may in this manner be made out, as seen (Fig. 29) on the left
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then entered military service in 1942. Following his dis-
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the contract can be carried out at the price stated, viz., $145, that it be accepted.
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Manchester election on Tuesday terminated in favour of Mr.
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globin in some cases was as high as 65 per cent., and in others as
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For a full account of the case and for the post-mortem examination I am
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be a frequent cause of squinting. Parts of the retiiue
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leucocytes. These leucocytes are often so closely packed that the fixed cells of