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both thigh-bones were broken by the force of the contracting muscles,
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doubt that it is so sometimes, as virulent forms of other infectious
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the same time in various other parts of the body : the administration of
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the patient in Avater at about 90° F., and to cool the bath gradually by
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incision should be made under strict antiseptic precautions, and the in-
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toxin against the bacteria producing that toxin, we frequently observe that
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(cZ) In connection with Sanarelli's work Ave may consider that of Mr.
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as to preveut any overloading of the stomach, and all food difficult of
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weeks are sufficient to effect this change ; it is sometimes completed
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at the same place, the most suitable one. Often the treatment must be
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animal body, gas will be formed sometimes also in the tissues, to such an
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normal gastric juice does not destroy their vitality till it has been in
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action occurred, and the woman did well. It was necessary for nearly
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sudden application of cold or moisture ; especially at night, during the
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1. ViRCHOW. Cellular Pathology. — 2. Cohnheim. Allgemeine Pathologie. —
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'wby this erection is so common in sleep, and why, in fMirticular, when
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material may be inoculated into bouillon which is incubated in a.n atmos-
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training, where obtained, her experience of cases similar to the one in
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once when soiled ; they should be placed in a sheet soaked in carbolic
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itself happily to this view. That education increases the size, im-
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brought about ; the blood of the animals so killed did not contain any
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injecting into the pleural cavities of rabbits sterilised cultures of the
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use of all trusses, though seldom of much moment, but it also gives
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G. Hartshorn, Esq., has reached the bookstores. When the whole un-
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that he restricts the term ^' malignant " to such diseases as esseptially
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bodies and gradually proceeding to large doses of living bacilli ; or these
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tageous. If, therefore, we speak of impairment of thermotaxis, we mean
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Cholera infantum most commonly commences with vomitings and
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lation, the lower ends of the tibie and Gbulte, togetlier with the bones
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graduation of the amount and difficulty of work is not provided for.
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The Anatomical Cabinet aud the Library are annually increaslnc-
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It may be convenient at this stage definitely to formulate certain
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drainaii'e. the avoidance of contagion, and the like, form the main head-
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generally used for applying medications to the vaginal walls. Plugs
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(3) They are larger and more prominent during inflammation than
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have little accurate knowledge of the parts played by the nervous
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great reputation in the treatment of consumption, and has the advantage
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way, and the water drawn off. The nurse has ready in a jug the pre-
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prominence of the sagittal suture ; depression of the temporal bones,
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dial dulness, nor Avere the sounds muffled in any way. The impulse was
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not due to the pyrexia per se, but in all probability to the action of the
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observable upon comparison of the results of inoculation of various
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experienced much inconvenience, though no great pain, from a tumor of
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by taking advantage of the fact that the spores of this organism are