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cal College in 1883. In October of the same year he
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of any kind occurred. The heart, on opening the chest some
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the abandonment of bleeding, blistering, salivation, and other
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of this sort are not very infrequent, and may be of slight or great severity.
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represented by a bony wedge that includes the head of the
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Dr. Hughes mentioned cases showing the part played by the
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she had lived for days at a time almost entirely upon cherries,
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Excluding surgery and all surgical specialties, let it be remem-
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with large, difficult stools,, acid eructations after supper, night
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it the more difficult to demonstrate that such a conviction is not
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entered the Confederate army with a company of cavalry
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both acute and chronic pelvic disease by the vaginal route.
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July, and 75 for August ; and in 1883, of 75 for July, and 72 for
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different phases — an old one, the expectant ; an active
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the male nurse, thinking that there would be greater vitality and vigor imparted to
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Moore, principal, and when only sixteen years of age was appointed
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others, if not to herself. She took a great interest in the growth of the plants. The
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of Ophthalmology, Fordham University Medical College since its
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publicity given in its Bulletin to such teaching and its applica-
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doses of salicylic acid or salicylate of soda, 30 to 45 gr. (gm. 2 to 3) a day,
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always show multiple fractures, which belong to the same
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It is advantageous to combine immobilization with a
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North-American Journal of Homoeopathy " of the future ; but
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emphasizing the duty of its thorough understanding and wider
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Dr. Munde in the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital,
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His remark to Dr. Coffman was, " I have now taken the
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here a hospital and dispensary, which was founded in 1869, and
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of this method, and died in retirement some years after the in-
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that Dr. J. Marion Sims has left an autobiography of sev-
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cussed at length. Dr. A. M. Cushing of Springfield read a
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history, his lore of statesmen and statecraft being remark-
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the very close resemblance between the presumed modus oper-
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morbid change instead of preceding it [p. 68]. ... In cases in
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Ophthalmology, Cornell University Medical College, Ophthalmic Sur-
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wide diffusion of the sewer system, with its manifold dangers ;
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that of emetics, the administration of which always means a cer-