Present state (skeletal, kc.) : Height, 4 ft. 5 in. (18'2'5 cm.) ; finger-

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complicated influenza which occurred so frequently in the pandemic

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may be done to prevent laceration by following Varnier's advice to

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Hospital; Formerly Crichton Research Fellow in Psychiatry and Neurology,

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ately with the severity of the typhoid infection, or with the complica-

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in Berlin, also reports a series of 3 cases with recovery in

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finally submitted to amputation of the afiected member.

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9. The force of gravity must be regarded as a cardinal factor in deal-

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pox could be transmitted from horse to horse with at

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missionary, finding in 1886 that there was no leper re

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histological description, Pernet, Brit. Journ. Derm., 1902, xiv, p. 131.

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It is very difficult to determine to what extent the vagus

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emaciation, and sometimes fatty stools, an irregular

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with absolute alcohol, followed by ether and dried in a desiccator. The dried

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lowed. Alkalies, opium, mild aperients, calomel, blisters,

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lished ventricular rhythm. It is not uninteresting, however, that the

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led to the now relinquished hypothesis that the paralysis is due to muscular

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eHiuent from such sewage after being purified by filtra-

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both require an acidity of .097 to .217 per cent, and one

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could be avoided. If the tracheal cartilages wjiich were

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again the tendency is to refer the jaundice to hepatic mischief,

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by triturating the alkaloid with one hundred parts of

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most reliable constitutional remedy. Treatment by baths is rarely

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nine, even where O'l gramme had been given to each dog,

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their positions on legalization. Also, none of the many work

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the cutting off of the water-supply, which was believed to be impure.

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