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To this statement I would add a single qualification. In one of

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practitioners of the healing art Forced by the very nature of their

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vided that the applicant will be acceptable in the labora-

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formication, are nervous symptoms, especially apt to occur in the thin,

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the most important of the points belonging to the clinical study of this

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town. Conn., writes that he was called to see a child, two

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prognosis is usually, if not always, grave in cases

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quack added to the misery of his patient and hastened his death ;

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surface of the pericardial sac with the pleural surface in oases of plenrittt.


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under similar conditions as ankylostomum, sometimes

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calculus. A letter from Berwick dated 4 May 1651 reads: "The Lord

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acid is in accordance with the exactness of modern methods, and

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inert substance administered with the suggestion of

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garded as suspicious, and measures of isolation and disinfection instituted

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or less embarrassed by the use of corsets among the female

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the frequency of cross birth and of funis- presentation in cases

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domen ; the natural obliquity of the uterus is, therefore, greatly

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broken. Commissioner Ogilvie, of the Yukon country, has

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Basal arteries. The middle cerebral artery gives off two sets of

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The ordinary commercial catgut (No. 1 to 3) is vigorously

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in adoration, "God Save the Queen." their teacher. The wise Creator, when

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latitude as Charleston, is 8° cooler. San Francisco

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ing. Perhaps we should say because it is being diag-

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cull. d. 8C. iiied. in Siena, 1880, iv, 310-321. Also: Ann. di

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5. All infectious fevers retard the callous formation and may cause suppuration