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introduced by Eichorn, consisting in making twelve or fifteen punctures

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tion was repeated at intervals of three, four, five, six and five weeks,

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Graham has shown that the chief constituents of blood, being

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modify it, that it should be applicable to the new facts. For-

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Upham. The papers were discussed by E. A. Hamilton, A. Tim-

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structure of all these derivatives is the presence of the group — C-NH2,

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patient. Abdominal swelling had been noticed as early

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of resistance to sulfonamides is about 33% for group A, 14%

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Altogether the members of the Commission visited seventeen

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stand-point, as it is rarely absent in typhoid fever, and occurs much

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illustrations of instances where the condition was the result of accident or injury

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fection in the waiting-rooms, particularly of children's I

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is a peculiar hopping movement, the body being raised upon the toes at

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abstinence from meat as erroneous, and in doing so he probably will

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"My dear Brothers, — You have taken two oaths : one to me, your king,

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the rectum, as though little sticks, ^hi^ers or bttrr& were sti'dking in the

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experience a feeling of pins and needles in his feet. A year

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cutaneous, and urinary diseases; also the diseases peculiar to women

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and its hinterland, and in Asia. Its high polynuclear leucocytosis

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gases are usually below normal, which suggests an explanation

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1,4 androstadiene-3 17-dione and doxepin intractions

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intended exclusively for the scientific, but for the general reader ;

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ishes the intensity of the murmur and sometimes causes it to disappear.

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