were evidences in this direction. Much of their knowl-
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primarily optic and spinal form of multiple sclerosis occur-
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in the hand. At the same time, involuntary jerks in the shoulders, neck,
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noid processes contributed anything to the fracture ; also if
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In the upper classes, where there is intelligence and
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a foot would have been amputated at once. This cicatrix and all
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influence the patient, differing very materially from other drugs
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of a cocoanut, removed from inside the substance of the
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times did not show the presence of tubercle-bacilli.
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A CORPULENT woman, aged thirty-six, fell from a table on a
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zans of active interference. Those who have witnessed its action
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the case, that they be " looked for j " (6) that they be well
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brane (and the rest of his nervous system, for that matter) were
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when intense, will change any and every structure of the
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with deep, intense pain, finally discharging it-elf by two
compressing the soft parts of the fetus round which
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position takes place. Certain substances should usually be
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knife rises out of the fenestrum which conceals it, ex-
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and so on ; not to mention older devices of invagination,
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Pleuritis with Pnenmothorax, or Pnenmo-hydrothorax.
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'Mn my experience, it (quinine) proves itself to be a better parturifa-
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12. T/ie various degrees of arcldng of the diapliragm, which is at
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fewest possible words, or his reader is sure, to skip them ; end in the plainest p i his