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a month. Then they sent him to Xcw York. He was there a

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puting to convince .the judge at the trial that it was either too

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he touches a door-knob, for instance, but that some one before

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as succinctly as is consistent with their correct conception. Mere

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Old Mixon. — This is the queen of peaches as to flavor. No

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during the second stage of fever. During the latter period it may, owing

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gouty man is more apt than the healthy man to sufifer from

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respiratory centre becomes enhanced. The same influences are exerted

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slightly in the centre. .Must he like the hiiinan lieing whn also

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to stimulate the liver, for such it probably does, causing it

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89.9, protein, .9 ; fat, 2.1; carbohydrates, 7.5; ash, .6. Fuel

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not always be assurer! of the accuracy of one's surmises as to

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readily flow through the interstices between the slats upon the water-

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clammy limbs. By these simple measures the patient may be rescued

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men, but nearly all of them showed incipient signs of con-

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leukocytes, fibrin-filaments, etc. If a section of a vesicle in the very

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ing, " Give the patient a dose of quinine, morphine, or sulphonal, "

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all Communications and make all Cheques. Post Office Orders and Postal

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and in meningitis ; its value in gastric catarrh, render hot water as im-

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" Cold reduces the pyrexia, strengthens the pulse, tones up the heart,

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having been present in only 11 of the 2000 Munich cases. In a few

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out of 185,765 showed evidences. Only one sheep out of

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an effort to reduce the cardiac rate, in my hands they have as con-

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arm and introduce a quart of salt solution, and in a few hours

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after the flow has become profuse and it should be continued until the

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ever, since it is well marked in other acute infectious diseases, though

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wrought in the blood, etc., its color, arrangement of globules,

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to a reservoir of flexible dimensions, whose mission it is to receive tem-

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bright, sunny atmosphere and many other desirable qualities

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accompanied by expectoration, while the temperature rises, though not

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(8) Ether-pneumonia. — Opinions are divided as to the frequency of

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To be able to state that relapsing fever is positively present the spiro-

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and a judicious sifting of the testimony of reliable practitioners have

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the touch, while in long-continued cases muscular atrophy ensues. The

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Water is to be looked upon as food, composing as it does