in this field, and we rejoice with them in every triumph
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sion. As scientists, rather than special pleaders for a theory,
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generate toxins which slowly but surely poison the system. 2.
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facilities for obtaining information and for the transmission of the
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As will be seen from the above tabular statement, 69 per cent, of
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accident was a rare one. In 80,000 cases of wounds by missiles
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present; upper abdominal reflex absent; no contnu over bladder.
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the heart, sometimes occasions acute pain. The pain produced by a deep
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very severe, with some tenderness ; countenance pinched and anxious ;
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For the determination we used a tilting table, which made it easv
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exalted — there is high excitement and furious madness ; an-
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tend to general conditions, and the less reliance he
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progress of a number of emigrants, and then the city
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Effect of Injections of Blood from an Animal in a Condition of Shock. — The
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limit these words to the significance expressed in the
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the duration of pregnancy, when by such a mode of calculation this wai
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both sides. The changes in the adjacent portion of the brain are de-
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All the other symptoms of lead poisoning are present:
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forms. Saturnine encephalopathy is sometimes fatal after a few days. In
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involved, difficult to follow, dull, and somewhat pedantic. This may be
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year to year, and there is no continuous and organic
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a little in such ways, for the children's sake. At all
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the disease. He holds that the lungs, under such circum-
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corresponds exactly with that described by Delepine as evolved
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perfectly sound, was not able to realize or remember any-
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ithe building of lecture-rooms, laboratories, museums, and
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rent was used — the positive pole externally, the negative
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to their activity. Klemperer also makes the statement that
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personal exposure, it is, under others, developed de novo, without the aid
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on myxenum J?ap 10 pypte yp paeb p mepcupiuf pceolbe 20
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with others, so that many ganglia can be brought into co-ordinate action;
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neys exists, a new hinderance or interruption of the se-
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Isles. Edited by George W. Dasent, Esq., D.C.L. Oxon.