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Ibid., 1875, 599-605, 1 pi. . Vorlauflge Anzeige iiber
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it does not appear to affect the health of those who indulge in
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" Laryngitis," in the Cyclopcedia of Practical Medicine. The ap-
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interviewed this wonder-worker, Mr. Paul Edwards wishes
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Diagnosis. — It is often exceedingly difficult to determine the nature
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ing it, appearing to be entirely indifferent to all that took place
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other, so that the tongue always hung between the teeth. Lan-
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with steel sounds, curettes freely the sinus and all of its ramifi-
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I examine ike abdomen and endeavor to excite the action of the womb
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found out for the injuries inflicted upon tlie honest by the dishonest, except
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Water gas is cheaper than coal gas, and is, therefore, preferred by
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vertebra, where pressure was intolerable, there being much tenderness from
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teen cases in which only a fresh chancre and inguinal adenitis
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arms ; in these paroxysms they sometimes die. They are relieved by nitrite
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I think it is apparent to your Lordship and to us all that
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he chief inspector. The chief inspector, as an incident to hisi^eneral
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cessant, and the terror greater, until at length wild deli-
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Eructations of ingesta, (1,3, 5). Nausea, (i, 2, 5, 7). (After
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with bone, situated precisely as in the present instance. Too
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form any opinion of the period of time the intestine had been thus curi-
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cable to these animals, there appeared to be no reason for the adoption of a different explana-
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is less commonly employed at present than formerly, although I have found it
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The treatment of entropion of the lower lid with caustic
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1891, ix, 283-298, 1 pi. Aho [Abstr.]: Bull. d. v. Accad.
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Dr. Murphy : I concur with Dr. Macleish largely in idea that the superior
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Sold by them and Chemists generally in Bottles (retail), 2a. 6d., -Is. GJ., and Ss.
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of mystery ; and one cannot always decide how much of
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REFERENCES: Should be listed in the order in which they appear in the article. They should be complete and accurate and
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copious fetid expectoration, anasarca, emaciation, dia-
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each systole has another influence upon A, the case will be quite different; and
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appearance of slight traces of salivation as an objection to such method
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taining this result consist in the adminislration by
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Sinus Thrombosis were read, and, in a very good paper.
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case with regard to sleeping-car compartments, nor is this
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Second. — Filling the globe with saline solution in the
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He agreed with Dr. Lyons, that the operation of tapping the abdomen