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Sir Wm. Gull's address on the importance of a collec-
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the University of Pennsylvania. It is scarcely twenty years
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that it abounds in fishes (perch, hornpouts, pickerel, and eels,
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cured there is usually a gradual diminution in the intensity of the
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proportion of those seeking medical advice for functional
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Mass. Physo-Medical Society — List of Officers and Members of 61
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and had ruptured near the lower edge ; the iris pressed for-
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would be if any considerable portion of the hemoglobin were changed to methemo-
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is approximately 120 to 135 mm., has been raised in pathologic
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2d. That in case of publication of a successful dissertation, the author to be con-
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the first year. The fatality at this period of life is
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open country these dwellings may have served their pur-
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De])artment of Dakota, to report to the President of the Army
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stairs, and became remarkably susceptible of colds,
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starts again, but is suddenly stopped by a heterogenetic ventricu-
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pressure little, if at all, elevated. The excess of fluid did not, of course,
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vessels may be left to take up and establish the collateral
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peritonitis. Intussusception occasionally shows peculiarities of symp-
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fibres. Now it is certain that the absorbent vessels circulate their
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definite change in the breath sounds, and often evidence of
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of history we may be pardoned for referring to the steps
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moving expenses, also interested parties can be offered
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