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division of the bronchial tubes ; sibilus, on the contrary,
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involved, enormously swollen, and surrounded by oedematous swellings;
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the case would not be considered gonorrhoeal arthritis.
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the virulence of the organism ; of the latter, the degree
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portance than the eruptive fevers which have been considered. It is gene-
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sible for the mother to transmit it directly to the child,
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Kuiidi'iiKe Bnsworth, Surgeon, second son of John Bosworth, Es<i., of
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mained in perfect health for about fifteen months. She
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''Infectious Arthritis." This term has been used in different ways.
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cows used, from 2 to 7 pigs receiving several injections of the milk
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these solutions, if properly applied. By improving the
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" We would like once again to emphasise the important
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pain in the former is unilateral, in the latter it is central. The
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The contrast between the two conditions, when typi-
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Batschr. f. Geburtsh. u. Gynaek., Berl., 1897, v, Ergnzngshft.,
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aggravations or deaths. M. Lalesque observes that the sea air, in common
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the cold. These few bacteria also stimulate the phagocytic power of
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more pronounced in those slight and transitory tightenings of the
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ence is that the latter regards anasmia as the primary element of the affec-
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of typhoid feveriu children. Brooklyn M. J., 1889, iii. 598-
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air passages. It seems probable that it will replace — by virtue of
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The vital statistics and the general sanitary conditions
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many cases of indigestion and irritation are produced
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