not necessary for the purpose of holding the uterus in

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its earliest settlement down to the time of Dr. Pierson's arrival in

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in hospital wards with other cases. This stattiueDt does not tpplj U

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vague nature. The former comprise salivation, diarrhoea, or con-

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is frequently associated with diminution of cutaneous electric sensibility.

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Vita S. Hugonis Episcopi Lincolniensis. Edited by the Rev. James

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is followed by a primary fall, which reaches its lowest level at a time

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charged in jets, synchronous with the contraction of the heart.

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this class. In some patients there is no sign of healing in the incision.

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15- ... his heart in order to know the instructions

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1. Quinine, even in gramme dose, is unable to cut short the

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coroner's juries have found verdicts of wilful murder, the prisoners have

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have sworn there were two stones, although the sequel proved

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Position on the table. — ^It is a great advantage, though not a practice

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urgent cases, as a means of arresting the hemorrhage, ice may be applied to

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to walk, of being sick, with vertigo, pulse slightly in-

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experience in receiving it. At a later stage, when the bedside duties

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deal of room where there was none to spare. He did not

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Give nourishing food such as the hog will eat and keep it

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form of the disease, mixed infections occur from the bacterium of con-

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The remaining articles in this volume show no great difference

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mouth. If there be breathing, wait and watch ; if not, or if it fail, then,

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mitten friction or sponge bath, using care not to chill the patient.

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the first forty-eight hours, to control the pain in the

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Browne (E. A.) Wound of left eye "with almost simul-

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form, the disease is exacerbated at some certain hour of the day, or

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evinced the least fear of the snake when it was brought near him ;

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menace should the patient become pregnant, as it may be

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the duration of pregnancy, when by such a mode of calculation this wai


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two or three weeks. The patient may then sink into the asthenic

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every fourteen days at extension. ! he spat a little blood.

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others, diminisliing their bad and not their good effects.

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