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Medicine, will be held Jan. 12-18, 1964, in Denver,

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Collegiura, Professor Seegen read a paper on diabetes. Ac-

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who come in close contact with the patient should guard against drop-

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greater contingent of victims to contagious diseases than

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of such a lesion: A woman, aged thirty -four years, swal-

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systolic and even diastolic murmurs may be developed at the base.

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this purpose is that it does not hold a sufficient quantity of

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gratuitous medical services were approved, and ordered

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only suffers when the extension is off; his appetite is

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tion. The objective symptoms, excepting the dyspnea, are some-

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and impaired function known as chronic valvular disease, irreparably

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ossification, it is right to say that the bone is formed as a

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nM^vPAi7cDw/Pci'^i?ok-PKJ^ftI*^^'i'lkPIAM^Ai-p/^*-~®'^-^'>‘f^'CESI3YLCARAMILDR£D ARNOLD oA ^ CRYhUM'":' r FT

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Juan Fernandez, with many embellishments. For instance,

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appear. If, in spite of the child's crying, nothing conies

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attention to : in fractures of the skull involving the brain it is always

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Examiners, except when the Legislature chooses to exercise this

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camphor mixed with oil, with apparent advantage. — Eds.]

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any powers to do so-and-so, to take this building over ; and it seems to me it would be

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thorough investigation and attain more definite results.

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ment became of great importance, one of the best remedies in

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years ago. There was no enlargement that was appreciable until Feb-

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a report. Let the pathologist study more in detail the particular

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hours. The disease generally runs its course in four or

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law. There are many instances in which crimes are deliberately

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urobilinuria. Blood corpuscles 27 per cent. ; haemoglobin 35 per

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bedded in paraffin, and .stained with eosin and methylene blue. The

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all times, and it has an influence in creating impressions

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pulse normal, respiration normal. The case has gone on without any

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our part to render the paper as interesting and useful

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tures, as in the Russian bath, the processes of oxidation in the body are