of tissue at its point of maximum extent. Degeneration in the motor

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in special relation with the sensory tract, and which, as M. Betz shows,

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' And so with the stomach troubles. They all vanish

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This new manual of diseases of the eye is divided into

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catarrhus vesicae, with incontinence of urine and frequent discharge ; the secre-

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needed is to educate the people to the great educational advantage that

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Dr M. once' observed a similar case in a girl aged 22 years, who lost

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rationale, a mercurial cathartic or laxative often affords relief of the symp-

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noted. The flea was recovered, dissected, and its stomach

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istic gray color, and they have always had a tendency to be loose.

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Surgeon in charge of Stanley General Hospital, 18th Army Corps,

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be called upon to stay at the bedside of the patient day and night until

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cured her. The bladder difficulty, while better, is still left

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a quantitative estimation of the rennet ferment as a valuable aid in

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mission to investigate the subject of food in its relation

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displacement of the globes. Diplopia, with paresis of some external

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proper treatment of the stump. But the end has not come yet. A

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did not have any rivals in our membership and did not have to

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660 MISSOURI MEDICINE/October 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 10 Physician Participation in Medicaid — Bushmann and Passmore

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duce softening of the brain, as it seems to produce myelitis.

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noticeable symptom which occurs a few hours before the act

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mental symptoms of neurasthenia are headache and in-

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ease where theconstitutionalsymptomsarewellmarked.andsuch

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(3 years of observation at least) occurred in 23.3 fc of the

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will almost always speedily follow. The doctor believes the skin

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when damaged tissues are present and, as such infections do not yield

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The bacillus of Nicolaier was found in one of these

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In a recent paper' which was concerned with a study of acute

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disorders described under the general head of confusional insanity — and I