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the finger-nail till the lower margin of the sub-pubic ligament is exposed. The
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essence of life, which, when known, would in all probability
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Convent appear to have l^een in complete confusion. The immense
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enced a fainting attack, and after a fortnight a se-
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tici. Gazz. d. osp., Milano. 1887, viii, 482-484.— Smith
mained in perfect health for about fifteen months. She
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tuberculosis among cattle, the Dairymen's and Stock-
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8 grams of finely powdered ammonium sulphate until the salt has
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a poisoned wound. The point of inoculation becomes an unhealthy
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the womb, they must be thrust back again, and the other foot sought for and
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mediate inquiry is directed to the state of its nerve-
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Health respectively of Warsaw and Zawiercie, and by Dr. Bajchmann,
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obligation to the hungry? It is unthinkable to me that the
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sustains the violence. Dr. Paterson's case above related (ante, p. 522) furnishes
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bacilli are found in the gall-bladder in more than 50 p)er cent, of the fatal cases.
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the interests of humanity, there is not that liber-
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merely old methods reintroduced — have been carried out with the object
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In the soundest sleep, total unconsciousness exists. Between this
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citis. The study of a large number of cases shows that not more than 4 per
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radiating from a painful point on the cheek, near tlie ala nasi,
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duce acute nephritis, may, if operating for a longer period or less severely,
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world than this, would find it not hard to be convinced
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die. Four years afterwards, he went to the same house, to see another
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blind from birth owe their condition to gonorrheal ophthalmia.
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of eructation of gas after meals. Appetite fairly good. The area of cardiac
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it from the effort he makes to speak. Thus I direct him to hold a rule
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left, whereupon the entire congeries of i)seudopodia would be quickly
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Exdmination of Urine. Amount of urine passed during the last 48 hours ; grains, 31,890. £
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register of Parliamentary electors according to the
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this disease, in which it is asserted that it operates upon
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frequently recurring pain. One should never sanction the employment of