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neuritis may be due to alcoholism or lead-poisoning, or may appear as a

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the influences, and connexions subsisting between every part of the

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renewal of its action appeared to be due, not merely to the stimulant action of the water, but

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*" Ueber Nephritis Scarlatinosa," Fortschritte der Medicin, Bd. i, S. 81.

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Whatever the Anglo-Celtic races have ac- Emotionalism entails erethism ; causing

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Carcinoma of the papilla is usually of the cylinder-cell type,

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ments need repetition and confirmation, but no apology is

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starch and sugar, such as lettuce, cabbage, chicorj^, the tops of beets, spin-

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case, but might it not be barely possible that there is

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Toeplitz, Dr. Gruening, Dr. F. I. Knight, Dr. Hemenway,

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intelligent and very careful observers. The physical

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it was quite possible — perhaps probable — that the improve-

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After thus satisfying ourselves as to the reliability of the technic

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cells " with secondary degenerative change and not destruction of

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by any four of the members, two of whom shall be members of different District Soci-

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so pronounced when I saw him that it was inad\dsable to make

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Lancereaux : A woman was taken ill, six years , after the primary infection, with

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various objects outside of the human body, viz., bed-clothing soiled

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ness and constriction; at other times the pain is a seated, localized

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canal, and under the new conditions which then surround it at once enters

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cal influence, especially in the pathological state. The movf^

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be taken in a wineglassful of water ; but if the acid has been

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sequence is that very many hard-working and able men, who

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ritation. In the highest degree of such irritation spas-

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tliat power in nature which imparts life to animals, and motion

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not sleep well at night. Other functions normal, ft Potassce bicarbonatis 5ij ;