with others, so that many ganglia can be brought into co-ordinate action;

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with bismuth powder and the eye is kept protected by

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ness is about the temples, that of man on the top of the head. It may be then in-

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the inflammation is promoted by cold applications after the

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(1-2 minims of a 1 per cent solution), or nitrite of soda in 2-4

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has been replaced by lemon-juice, and amber is not used in the shop, as the

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cases of oesophageal carcinoma, a percentage of 0.53. Kraus^ gives

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clined to disbelieve its occurrence in our sex, 1 will

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been administered by means of subcutaneous injection.

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costal cartilage. There was a marked thrill. At inter-

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varicella-like lesions — and the time of the most intense itching, —

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gutter a rubber tube is laid, and the peritoneal and

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to fibrous degeneration of the affected membrane. Ac-

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given. Excluding the man with the slight attack, the incubation

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culture plates, the bactericidal effect being active with the

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begins a little above this widened portion at S0% and runs up

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years sterility. She was delivered of premature tAvdns, of such

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tinctly stated in our exposition of symptoms, that parotitis mercurialis

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their admission. Leaving these patients out of account, there

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instituted. The area should have ample space to accommodate a clean bench,

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a contradiction which it requires the boldest hypothetical reasoning to sur-

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the systole of the heart — on auscultation of the

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ing consanguinity for all sorts of relationships, in-

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had been sent on a voyage round Cape Horn. He returned in

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to attribute it to over-accumulation of blood within the ventricular cavities,

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this disease. However, Mosenthal^* was unable to confirm his results.

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the rigid enforcement of inflexible requirements. Too often

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spectrum of sodium was showu, and the light itself was dis-

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a trial without knowing where to get them, he concluded by informing them

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tion the blood volume was 3,265 cc, hemoglobin 61.5 per cent, hematocrit 24.

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in such a case are still active and able to empty themselves ; but

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Diagnosis. — Yellow fever has by some physicians been re-

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Neither of them had ever been vaccinated. Monday afternoon, three