tension, and chewing, swallowing, and even speaking are at times painful aJ

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ness on percussion at the top of the right lung. She had persisted

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diluted tincture of of Thuya. If the tympanum (drum of the ear) is^

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of the need. Aircraft are requested on the basis of anticipated needs

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the maxim, ' Ars longa, vita brevis ; ' and they also forget that, by demanding

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characteristic yellow nodules may be seen embedded in the corium.

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students so qualified, and as the institution depends on tuition fees

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youth the capsule is thin and pellucid ; as age advances, the bursa? become

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parts, but failed to mould them even, and I was therefore com-

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the breasts, in the neck, between the toes, at the angles of the mouth, and

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duce any regulations regarding it, so long as there exists so

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heating, they take up the eosin and chemically related (acid) dyes.

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in the legal argument presented during the Supreme Court hearings

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waite's Retrospect as early as 1842, a periodical that is extensively read

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greater than the distance from the external meatus to-

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further dissections, and for a period of over one hundred

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thetized and the operation done at a single sitting. A bichlo-

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tensive synovial membrane. It is capable of the follow-

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haps no reference to our circumstances, are consulted as infallible guides

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G. Le Conte. The patient was 54 years of age, had a double hernia for ten

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too early or one which is retained. In the event of a subsequent

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at first being superficial, and then invading the deeper tissues.

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any one of the following lectures: A good Figure; Circulation; Body Manikin and Posi-

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necessity to insure success ; his whole stress is upon the

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cases, where it occurs the patient is already in an advanced state of

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tlie trachea. Breathing was then quite easy. No recurrence took place.

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dren, sick or well, are very much wanting. It is desirable to

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matter to antagonize this with a certain amount of antl-

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1 Zeitschrift ilQr klin. Med., Bd XXIL, Hefte 4, 5.