6 Leprosy and its Prevention. ^ Monats. f. prakt. Derm., 1890, vol. x.

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favorable, but in recent writings recoveries have been noted. The author's

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the same experience. The dangers of intravenous in-

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The term apoplexy, which literally means a striking down,

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organic matter. It is supposed to dilate the stomach and

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lalignant or nonmalignant, operable or inoperable, ob-

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against the furor of attempted radical measures of the

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times; large bilious stools; lochia entirely ceased; pulse more fre-

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recovery. Regarding the several febrile types in respect of which

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" Natural Labours above 24 Hours" is evidently a clerical en-or ; but

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reaches an age where bacterial growth is abundant there can be no correct

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Date of Termination ; and before proceeding further, some explana-

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Dec. 5: “Acute Eye” Circuit at Merrill or Antigo

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the fact that in these cases the extrasystole acts exactly like a normal systole, so that

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indicated in all cases of granular inflammation of the

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unfavorable for such pursuits; hence many of the imperfections that are

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In September last she consulted Dr. Norman Bridge, and I saw her with him.

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show a later stage of fibrosis and the capsules show newly formed

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at least. It is not entirely certain that adrenal insuffi-

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man is subject to haemorrhoids besides the erect posture of

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to restore the function in Bright's disease and tuber-

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the most abundant article in our dietary, is eventually converted into

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blind from birth owe their condition to gonorrheal ophthalmia.

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I think well of barley-water during the heat of summer

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cin — Silver; Gastro-Intestinal Disorders — Spe-

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imaltered excreta mentioned above, a portion of the substances elim-

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evidence against the existence of the diseases from which it is to be dis-

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Subsequently, I gave him small doses of chloralamid,

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hemisphere, (iii.) We have no evidence that the initial symptoms ever

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scribed with an intention of producing what is called