Fig. 387. — Diagram of visual system. Modified from
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tain from the report of Demme's case (39), so frequently
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carved lines, the predominating form being thin plates which polarize
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differential diagnosis from tuberculous osteomyelitis
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of urobilin in the urine as showing an internal hemorrhage. It was for-
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washes, sprays, inhalations, etc., resorcin grs. xv to
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entering on medical studies properly so-called, such ■
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vents the introduction of poison ; after the operation, the air,
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the form of the heart. Thus in dilatation of an auricle and ven-
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preparing for the examination in those branches. It not only helped them to-
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Dr. Lawsont thought that hyoscyamia had proved service-
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terest at the coming Budgets of the Board of Finance.
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you will find tliat one or two vertebral spines naturally
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— which has been considered the most characteristic — of gesture and of
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appear to be the effects of compulsion, and with a view to ostentation ;
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or issue in its vicinity, as has been lately recommended
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all the walls of the ventricle ? Dr. Hayden, without pledging himself to
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*' The difeafe to be thus entitled is charafterized by a rough and
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Misericordiie liosijiial, 35 Merrion-s(iuare, Dublin.
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succumb to facts — facts ascertained by repeated observations and demon-
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It was quite hard, and seemingly without attachments.
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The disinfectant preferred was a saturated solution of
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are intense. Rigors more or less severe have l)een observed. The temperature
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Extirpation of the Larynx : New Apparatus for Voice Prodvctton.
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16. Keirans JE, Clifford CM: The genus Ixodes in the United State: A scanning
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herpes of the mouth and pharynx, the latter may, like the former, be
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community approach that attends to the models of adult
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R. Russell., Dr. J. B. Green., Dr. R. H. Buckner., NEUROLOGY; Dr. R. S. Carroll., GASTROENTER-
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Phenolphthalein (Tablets). A coal tar derivative. White or
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dropped and broken. The incoordination of movement may be shown
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was generally best not to repeat the dilatation in less than a
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trical effect upon the sympathetic by percutaneous ap-
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symptoms are very suggestive. Faint cyanosis, dilated superficial venules,