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species of intoxication and paraplegia. Benzoic acid is

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glands, and nearly always occurs in young and feeble subjects with a

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the injection of antitoxine, especially in severe cases of

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per day, until the seventh day of his confinement, when he

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reduced to a pulp, and swarming with bacilli and micrococci. Next to the

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literature. — Berlin klin. Wochens., February 18, 1884.

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the vagina, and was removed without any further aid from the uterus. Plac-

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ounces of pus, in which was found two apple- or pear-

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The state board of examiners are also authorized to meet

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to the temperature of the water: If there has been great and

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ill on February 23, at 6 a. m., when he got out of bed, ap-

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For disinfecting those articles of value about the bed

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present in the gastric secretion, even as products of the ingested

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wound in the skull. These lesions may also exist without there being

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the whole system, and manifest themselves as general

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the urine was ammoniacal. It is one of the few new drugs upon

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sustained by six Grecian fluted doric columns, and ascended by a

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vailing in those latitudes, in which the vessel seems to