Bat, I watch my cases most carefully, so that no ankylosis may result. If the
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Wiel (C.) Mulieri uno, eodemque ttetu gravidje quadra-
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acid urine consists essentially of sodium urate. Should doubt be
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are at present satisfactory. There is a general relation between the ana-
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yount'er daughter of the Rev. C. Jevffreson, M. A., retired Chap-
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formed spaces, in which lie the placental tufts. Here the uterine milk is mixed
every scjuare four inclies of the plaster. This" is left
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can be considered. The dangers of necrosis, of delayed
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instances — that is, from their great vascularity and from the want
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implied, suggested syphilis rather than tuberculosis.
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the blood in different organs(«) ; but this paleness should be looked
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istered. These facts, according to M. Puech, show that phthisis is transmissible
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into root, body, and extremity or glans penis. The back part of
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giving way if not properly brought together at the initial
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until it produced spasmodic movements of the limbs. Ed.
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a misfortune. Bacteria are Nature's physicians, con-
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with typhoid, typhus, variola, measles, scarlatina,
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intervals ; and the patient is able to«leep continuously from one to two hours at a time. Con-
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Carriages.'— '10 of four horses each, and 4 covered ; these bdng
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Secretary of the Association of American Medical Colleges,
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was on his resignation that Government e.^pressed a desire to
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which appears to regulate these vital laws, and nothing vital to be regu-
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Auges. Ztschr. f. Augenh., Berl., 1899, ii, Ergnzngshft.,
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the head, previous to her coming into the Royal Infirmary, and while she was in
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tion." (Sensation.) Now, it seems to me that we cannot
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tolerance of the instrument, and with but the faintest hope that
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urethral opening ; and in such it has been found necessary to
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voted to the interests of women physicians appears in
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them about five minutes after with warm water and soap. For this
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I almost feel that I owe you an apology for the subject
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their own tendencies so marked that it is often possible to
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Retinnl and clioroidal changes in dial)ete-f mellitus. and
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Paris in France is partially supplied with limestone water. Vienna
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lum could be used. The os uteri was fdund snudl, .and, though
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supplied with water. At Colon there is a hospital of So
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(d). Enlargement of lymphatic glands which could not
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similar to those of the acute disease in a somewhat modified form.
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is further pushed well back against the perinfeum, to give room
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Smith Professor of General and Industrial Chemistry-
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tension, and chewing, swallowing, and even speaking are at times painful aJ
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scopic sections of the organs were stained by hicmatoxylin and lithioD-
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xxxi, 222-259, 2 pi. — I..agrange (F.) Etude comparfee
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being preserved. In the great majority of cases, this affection follows a
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searched carefully for the element of anxiety, and am coming to regard
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