Von Dr. Carl Noorden. Berlin : August Hirschwald. 18M.
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of the various trades and professions filled by registrars,
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on Saturday last. May 13th, against 450, 474, and 531 at the end of the
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eating and drinking as if he were a healthy individual. Suddenly all the
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continuation of the work which lies close at hand. The re-
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means of obtaining a fair and approximate knowledge of the
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Hepatic Liquid Extract might he sometimes Used with Profit. —
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recent opening of such an institution, which will contain,
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the subscribers to the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital. The
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— minimum weight of charpie 155 grains, maximum 1H5 grains. The anti-
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ST. GEORGE'S HOSPITAL. S.W.— Assistant Physician and Assistant
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though asked particularly on this point. He was playing on
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Williams. College of Medicine. Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; N. Magoris,
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In France, where the operation originated in 1768, one suc-
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my best thanks are due to Dr. George W. Balfour, not only
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including the stoiming of the stronghold (medal with riasp) ; and in the
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time to make an inspection of their district, with a view to
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Ijaboratories and the Library Committee, and from the Ex-
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gative mineral waters act by virtue of their alkalinity,
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Dr. FABiiOHAESOXsaid that, he thought a small business-
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parison at si'. Theileiiyth and severity of the winter are two of the
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this, the other means of preventing spread may be of no avail,
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said: " I feel the same as I did last year, and I am going to
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Deaths in the Profession Abroad.— Among the members
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cystectomy has had to be done in consequence of stricture of
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The condition of matters present in July, 1891, when her re-
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of haemoglobin. The puhli.^lied proofs supporting these
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respective nationalities. He goes out of his way to express
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amputation at the shoulder had been performed. (2) Four
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weight rose from 126 lbs. on March 24th to 139 lbs. "on July
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Dr. Giles in one small point. It seemed to him that the
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fessor Hans Mayer by Paul Siem. ' These experiments
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1891, when he vomited slightly about an hour later. Nothing
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it only caused deaths at the rate of 2.0 per 1,000, just within
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using inderal polygraph
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The following gentlemen passed the second examination of the Board at
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wooden plugs. The cans were then sunk in several feet of
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of a gastric ulcer took place, and great difficulty in diagnosis
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the hypochondrium that after enucleation of the tumour he
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day (after I had written to resign that position) received no
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Hbnby Poweb, M.B., F.R.C.S., President, in the Chair.
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of remuneration is somewhat less unsatisfactory than it is in
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qualified, unmarried, and not more than 30 years of age. Salary.
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